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Non-violent and Compassionate Communication

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

This year we began our Compassionate Communication journey. In May and June, we joined Kate Lucre for Compassion-focused Ways of Working Effectively in Groups, an online workshop series that explores the ways that compassion for ourselves and others can improve our wellbeing and communication. This was a valuable first step in integrating compassionate communication into our ethos.

More recently, we have been learning with Milly Carmichael in her online workshop series Compassionate Communication for Groups. This practical and welcoming series provides an introduction to Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-violent Communication model.

We have been joined in both workshop series by Sarah Spencer, founder of Think like a Tree.

Ensuring that we are mindful of our communication is an important part of building successful relationships, both personally and professionally. Compassionate and non-violent communication is an ongoing process and not one that can ever be fully completed. Although we are all likely to make mistakes throughout our learning process, the important part is to always keep growing and learning from those mistakes. We are embracing the difficulties that this learning can bring, and, along with it, the chance to make positive changes for the future.

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